good影视网毛片 is a 100% employee-owned firm in continuous business operation since 1944. Specializing in aerospace related temperature control and ice protection, our staff includes world-renowned and highly experienced engineers in the fields of icing, aerodynamics, heat transfer, software, mechanical, and electrical design.

Cox is foremost an engineering-driven manufacturer and industry leader in the design, development, test and manufacture of low power ice protection systems and temperature control products and systems. Our 110,000 sq ft facility contains engineering and manufacturing facilities, but also wind tunnel and laboratory space to test the latest developments in美国成人激情开心淫色之日韩影片网 ice protection and temperature control. Due to our company’s specialization, all of our customers receive the personal dedication and service found in a small business coupled with the expertise, resources, and facilities of an industry-leading organization.

Our company’s product ranges from hydraulic line heaters used on the Apollo Lunar Module, to a full rotor ice protection system on the KAI KUH Surion. Our patented low power ice protection system is the first revolutionary advancement in ice日本群交多pav下载 protection technology since the introduction of pneumatic boot and electro-thermal ice protection. Our technology protects vital airfoil surfaces on the Boeing P-8A, Northrop Grumman MQ-4C, Hondajet HA-420, Cessna Longitude, and other numerous platforms. Cox products continue to set new standards for excellence and innovation in the aerospace industry.

Cox's ice protection systems and temperature 美国成人激情开心淫色之日韩影片网control products are certified for use on a wide range of commercial, business and military aircraft including fixed and rotor wing platforms. These unique technologies, materials and testing capabilities allow us to deliver products that are optimized for safety, cost, reliability, performance, weight, power usage and scheduled maintenance. Our advanced ice protection systems are used on engine 美国成人激情开心淫色之日韩影片网inlets, engine cooling bay intakes, horizontal stabilizers, vertical tails, wing leading edges and raked wing tips. Our heaters and temperature control systems are used as: water line heaters, cabin heaters, crew rest heaters, cargo heaters, waste water heaters, floor mat heaters, pilot heaters, gasket heaters, engine inlet heaters, supplemental heaters, water system gasket heaters, tank heaters and numerous temperature control applications.